I’ve been a Procamera user since 2012. I love it for its‘ speed and reliability. It’s the only camera replacement app I use on my iPhone. Beyond the ability to control shutter speed and exposure, the ability to save images in TiFF LZW format is extremely important to me especially for all the art photography images that I do. With the latest release, I love the way the Lightbox works now. I can Air Drop my images directly onto my iPad without cluttering my main camera roll. Procamera has been alongside me through many shortlisted exhibitions, awards, honourable mentions and publications. Thank you to the team at Cocologics for their incredible camera replacement app!

Michelle RobinsonVisual artist/photographer based in Adelaide, South Australia
Seit 2011 hat ProCamera einen Stammplatz in meinem iPhone Dock. Und auch im Business-Einsatz bei meinen Kunden ist ProCamera unerlässlich. Keine andere Foto-App bietet einen solchen Funktionsumfang und lässt sich so einfach an die eigenen Bedürfnisse anpassen. Egal ob Fotos oder Videos – mit dieser App erzielt man immer klasse Ergebnisse. Besonders hervorzuheben ist der HDR-Modus. Außerdem wird die App so regelmäßig wie kaum eine andere gepflegt und immer wieder um tolle neue Funktionen erweitert. Eine Pflicht-App für jeden, der Fotos mit seinem iPhone und iPad macht.
Stephan MallmannGuerilla-Digitalisierung für den Mittelstand

Being a ProCamera user since 2012, it is my only camera replacement app on my iPhone. As a mobile street photographer, the ability to adjust and lock exposure/focus with just one hand holding the phone is what makes ProCamera the best app for me when I document the streets, and flying doves.

Thomas LimMelbourne-based Photographer

The most important thing to me is that my camera is portable and easily accessible. ProCamera has proven to be the perfect solution for me. It gives me an enormous amount of control over my native iPhone camera, creates high quality image files, and enables me to capture moments spontaneously. I enjoy taking street photography, and this nimble app lets me snap images in rapid fire succession so that I can obtain the perfect shot. It is an exciting app that continually evolves. The filters are subtle, the interface is sleek, and the manual controls give me creative freedom. I highly recommend ProCamera to all creative types who seek a sophisticated, robust camera app.

Lance HewisonProfessional artist and art educator for Academy of Art University, San Francisco