Photos taken with iPad’s new 5 megapixel camera

As reported last week, the new ‘resolutionary’ iPad sports a five (5) megapixel camera with many optical enhancements. See full iPad specs. To showcase the camera’s capability, Apple assembled a portfolio of photos and videos taken with the new high resolution iPad camera. Here are a few of the shots (reduced in size) that Apple made available to the public.

Contest Winners for ProCamera’s iPhoto contest #2

ProCamera has now finalized tabulations from all sources — social media (Likes and Retweets) and our own judging panel, and we have chosen our iPhotography contest #2 winners. One half of the judging (50% of the vote) came via social media popularity and the remaining 50% from our panel. It was not easy to pick a winner as each finalist’s iPhoto was artistic and worthy of an award.