Human pixels … choreography and photography converge

The photos below were created by photographer and evidently skilled ‘choreographer’ Craig Alan. Using people as pixels, Craig created grand scale aerial portraits of mega stars — Monore, Elvis, Hepburn and Michael, et. al. Aligning easily distracted volunteers into the exact right place and time is no small feat. Think ‘herding cats,’ and you pretty much get the idea. Read more about Craig Alan and his artistry.

Get ready for the LA Mobile Arts Festival 2012!

ProCamera app is proud to add our support to the 2012 LA Mobile Arts Festival, the first-ever mobile arts exhibition, featuring interactive mobile artistry. Dozens of award-winning iPhoneographers will showcase their work at the Southern California Festival, which will be held August 18 through 25 at the historic Santa Monica Airplane Hangar located at: 3026 Airport Ave in Santa Monica. The Hangar is just a frisbee toss from the waves, sand and Silicon Beach — a new hub for mobile app and technology development.