ProCamera moving up in China and globally

ProCamera’s recent Dragon Sized Sale promotion (temporarily just $.099 cents) has captured the attention of many new iPhone owners and iPhoneography fans. ProCamera App is now prominently featured in New and Noteworthy in Apple’s China App Store. ProCamera has also been added to Apple’s New and Noteworthy in 14 different countries and is #1 in Photo & Video in 10 key countries”

Thank you also to Apple for the recent Tweet!

ProCamera update 3.5 now approved!

Update 12/20: ProCamera v-3.5 has been approved by Apple and is now available for download on iTunes!

Jens Daemgen and the team of developers at ProCamera have been working diligently on the latest updates to ProCamera. Our latest version (3.5) has now been approved by the App Store review team. ProCamera 3.5 is a major update and is available free (no cost) to all current ProCamera users.

New ProCamera features built into version 3.5 can now be unveiled for all to see. Read more below about our new Codescanner and > (here) ALL of the great new features in ProCamera 3.5

Codescanner will enable you to scan bar-codes, QR-codes and DataMatrix codes. This new ProCamera feature/function has the ability to retrieve detailed product or service information simply by scanning the QR-code or DataMatrix code on your iPhone.

We have no doubt that, very soon, the majority of smartphone owners, and most notably “ahead of the curve” iPhone owners, will be scanning QR and DataMatrix codes. If you want to learn more about a product, a service or an event, there will likely be a QR code on display. A simple point and “scan code” will deliver pertinent info directly to your iPhone. This “instant delivery” is most commonly accomplished by the automatic launch of a webpage tied to the QR code you’ve just scanned.

Why is code-scanning such a big deal? “And what’s in it for me” (WIIFM) you ask?

ProCamera price drops to $0.99 – Three (3) days only!

The world’s most versatile iPhone camera app—ProCamera, is announcing a temporary yet substantial price drop. Starting from 3pm on Saturday (December 3, PST) to 3pm on Tuesday (December 6, PST), the award-winning ProCamera app will be priced at $0.99.

This price drop ($2.99 to just $0.99) is our way of showing gratitude to ProCamera’s global fans and the over one (1) million users who have downloaded one or more of the apps developed by, the team behind ProCamera. Thank you to ProCamera users who have supported ProCamera, provided invaluable feedback and helped to shape our product roadmap. We appreciate that so many amateur and professional iPhoneographers have embraced ProCamera.

This temporary price drop is also our way of boosting awareness of ProCamera during the upcoming Christmas ProCamera update. In a matter of a few short weeks, ProCamera will launch a major product update – version 3.5. The new ProCamera features will be kept under wraps for now … but we will offer one “tease.” Version 3.5 will introduce Codescanner.

Meet The Developers: – ProCamera

ProCamera founder Jens Daemgen was recently interviewed (Oct. 2011) by The Beginners Lens photography blog:

We’re really excited about this week’s Meet The Developers (well let’s be honest…we’ve been excited about all of them…) but this week is particularly great as we simply love the ProCamera app! It’s by far one of the most used on the TBL iPhones, so we were pleased as punch when Jens Daemgen took the time to answer our questions about the app itself and the team of developers behind this awesome camera replacement!

Welcome to the ProCamera Blog

To bring the picture into focus … ProCamera has launched a blog for our customers (over 1 million downloads and growing!) and those tens of millions of iPhone/iPad/iPod mobile camera users who will soon become new ProCamera fans. Our blog will compliment our company website and deliver the latest news/info and provide a platform for “pro” and “hobbyist” photographers alike to share their ProCamera experiences.