Human pixels … choreography and photography converge

The photos below were created by photographer and evidently skilled ‘choreographer’ Craig Alan. Using people as pixels, Craig created grand scale aerial portraits of mega stars — Monore, Elvis, Hepburn and Michael, et. al. Aligning easily distracted volunteers into the exact right place and time is no small feat. Think ‘herding cats,’ and you pretty much get the idea. Read more about Craig Alan and his artistry.

Photos taken with iPad’s new 5 megapixel camera

As reported last week, the new ‘resolutionary’ iPad sports a five (5) megapixel camera with many optical enhancements. See full iPad specs. To showcase the camera’s capability, Apple assembled a portfolio of photos and videos taken with the new high resolution iPad camera. Here are a few of the shots (reduced in size) that Apple made available to the public.