iPhone revolutionizing photojournalism

Photos captured via smartphones now dominate uploads on photography and social media sites. Further, as ProCamera outlined in our November 23 post, The evolution and popularity of iPhoneography, iPhone models are leading the way and we believe that ProCamera app (3.5.1) is contributing in many positive and creative ways.

How to silence (mute) the iPhone camera shutter sound

There has been considerable interest and discussion surrounding national mandates in Japan and South Korea, where authorities require camera manufacturers (Apple included) to disable “mute” functions when applied to camera usage, and to effectively keep the shutter noise fully audible. In certain surroundings, the shutter sound is too loud for the sensitivities of many iPhoneographers. Read more about the “camera noise” controversy and problems with > clandestine voyeurogrphy.

Attention iPhoneoghaphers … show us how you do it

ProCamera is actively looking to promote your iPhoneography talents by way of tutorials. We’d love to showcase your work by showing “before and after” iPhotos and then walking our readers through the step-by-step process you used to create your iPhoto. Many artistic iPhotos are made using a variety of apps; however, any app tutorials we publish should make use of ProCamera, in at least one of the many ways it can be used.