Facebook acquires Lightbox team to solidify ‘mobile’ photo sharing strategy

Continuing their recent photo-sharing binge, Facebook today revealed that they have ‘assimilated’ the management team of Lightbox. The London-based photo-sharing site and camera app Lightbox, targets Android devices and HTML 5, while Facebook’s newest toy, Instagram, is primarily aimed at iOS (iPhones/iPads) and only recently launched an Android version. It is likely that Facebook will ask the Lightbox team to continue along their Android development path.

Apple ready to do battle with Kodak over digital patents

As reported several days ago, the venerable Eastman Kodak has been in a downward financial spiral. Bankruptcy papers were formally filed yesterday. In a quest to raise much needed cash, Kodak has been seeking buyers for their digital patents. Analysts have valued their patent portfolio from $900 million to as much as $3 billion.

Today we learned that Apple is contesting Kodak’s rights to several important digital patents. Apple has submitted a filing (PDF) with with the US Bankruptcy Court in the Southern District of New York, outlining their case.