New ProCamera 3.8 Photo App Includes ISO Boost mode button, High Quality JPEGS and Improved Histogram

The ProCamera 3.8 update is now available on the App Store.

So what new?  First we’ve made it iPhone 5 compatible, using the extra space to add a shiny new display for the histogram and live readings.

Speaking of the histogram it’s been made much more accurate.  Now the number of red warning squares is proportional to the amount of highlight/shadow clipping.

Award-winning journalist Koci Hernandez recommends ProCamera App for shooting control

  Image copyright Koci Hernandez Multimedia journalist and Berkley associate professor Richard ‘Koci’ Hernandez, talking to CNN iReport, recommends using ProCamera to take control over your focus and exposure when shooting with your smartphone. Thanks for the shout-out Koci, we’re all big fans of your work here at ProCamera. You can read Koci’s 11 other…

Get ready for the LA Mobile Arts Festival 2012!

ProCamera app is proud to add our support to the 2012 LA Mobile Arts Festival, the first-ever mobile arts exhibition, featuring interactive mobile artistry. Dozens of award-winning iPhoneographers will showcase their work at the Southern California Festival, which will be held August 18 through 25 at the historic Santa Monica Airplane Hangar located at: 3026 Airport Ave in Santa Monica. The Hangar is just a frisbee toss from the waves, sand and Silicon Beach — a new hub for mobile app and technology development.