Introducing HiLO Lens – Creative Angle for iPhone & iPad Photography

Our friend Mark Hampton brought us a great idea the HiLO Lens. We love it and are supporting the project.

HiLO Lens is a fresh idea for iPhone and iPad photography. The HiLO Lens is a right angle lens that redirects the camera view, in a similar way to the swivel/rotating screen found on modern digital cameras. The project is being funded on Kickstarter now. HiLO Lens has already reached the initial funding goal on Kickstarter so join them now to be one of the first people to try out a new angle on iPhoneography. Check out their Kickstarter video below…

New ProCamera 3.8 Photo App Includes ISO Boost mode button, High Quality JPEGS and Improved Histogram

The ProCamera 3.8 update is now available on the App Store.

So what new?  First we’ve made it iPhone 5 compatible, using the extra space to add a shiny new display for the histogram and live readings.

Speaking of the histogram it’s been made much more accurate.  Now the number of red warning squares is proportional to the amount of highlight/shadow clipping.

ProCamera partners with Mobile Photo Awards to promote the best in mobile photography

mobile photo awards and procamera

We’re very proud to announce that ProCamera is an official partner of this year’s Mobile Photo Awards (the MPAs).

The MPAs, now in their second year, strive to find and showcase the best mobile photography on the planet.  For them, and us, mobile photography is real photography and deserves to be hung on the wall alongside other forms of the medium.

Human pixels … choreography and photography converge

The photos below were created by photographer and evidently skilled ‘choreographer’ Craig Alan. Using people as pixels, Craig created grand scale aerial portraits of mega stars — Monore, Elvis, Hepburn and Michael, et. al. Aligning easily distracted volunteers into the exact right place and time is no small feat. Think ‘herding cats,’ and you pretty much get the idea. Read more about Craig Alan and his artistry.