Attention iPhoneoghaphers … show us how you do it

ProCamera is actively looking to promote your iPhoneography talents by way of tutorials. We’d love to showcase your work by showing “before and after” iPhotos and then walking our readers through the step-by-step process you used to create your iPhoto. Many artistic iPhotos are made using a variety of apps; however, any app tutorials we publish should make use of ProCamera, in at least one of the many ways it can be used.

The evolution and popularity of iPhoneography

The ascension of iPhone is reflected by many metrics … now add one more …   people say it with pictures! The last four (4) generations of iPhone now dominate Flicker and other social media photography platforms. iPhone has captured four of the top five (4 of 5) cameraphone spots on Fickr.* Of note is the fact that Apple’s newly launched (Oct 2011) iPhone 4S has quickly shot up to become the second (2nd) most popular Cameraphone on Flickr. And the iPhone 4S’s predecessor, iPhone 4, is the most popular camera on Flickr … not just cameraphone, but any type of camera.*

Welcome to the ProCamera Blog

To bring the picture into focus … ProCamera has launched a blog for our customers (over 1 million downloads and growing!) and those tens of millions of iPhone/iPad/iPod mobile camera users who will soon become new ProCamera fans. Our blog will compliment our company website and deliver the latest news/info and provide a platform for “pro” and “hobbyist” photographers alike to share their ProCamera experiences.