ProCamera Review: ProCamera noticeably faster

ProCamera app was recently reviewed by Cult of Mac contributor Giles Turnbull. You can read Turnbull’s full ProCamera review on Cult of Mac. Here (below) are a couple of snipets.

In comparison to rival app Camera+ … “ProCamera is – at least on my iPhone 4 – noticeably faster.”

“One thing ProCamera does well is separating the camera mode from the edit mode and the settings mode. Yes, ‘settings mode’. That’s what I call it, anyway. There are so many different settings and prefs (it is a Pro camera after all), that they are sensibly tucked out of sight.”

“What ProCamera offers is a decent degree of manual control – about as much as you’re going to get from an iPhone camera. You have command of the focus, exposure and, to some degree, white balance. All of these are done with simple on-screen buttons that don’t get in the way when composing a shot.”

“When you’re not in shooting mode, a camera icon always sits at the top-right corner, so you can jump back into it any time. The edit functions are nicely done, although tucked away. From shooting mode, you have to tap the ‘PRO’ button, then ‘Album & Studios’, then another icon with a paintbrush on it, then one of the options it calls up.”

ProCamera review by Daily App Show

On March 16, 2012, The Daily App Show highlighted a few of ProCamera’s capabilities in a video review. Please note that this short demo focused primarily on “photo capture” functions and did not cover “video capture” and left out illustration of many important ProCamera features/functions, including ProCamera’s superb editing tools: ProLab, ProCut and ProFX (see image…

ProCamera Review by AppMinute

The AppMinute’s Sam Levin reviews ProCamera via his podcast. Please note that this podcast (audio only) was made in Feb 2011 and ProCamera has added many new features/functions since that date. ProCamera version 3.5.5 now includes: Video Zoom, HD Video, Volume Trigger, QR Code Reader and much more. Sam Levin looks at ProCamera from Turn your iPhone…