ProCamera launches update 3.5.1

ProCamera has launched update v-3.5.1. This latest version includes adjustments to our recent major update (3.5), and will restore a favored icon (back by popular demand) + fix a Green Mode screen darkening issue. While 3.5.1 is not a major update, ProCamera is always interested in comments and these enhancements are a direct result of feedback provided…

ProCamera, now bigger and better than ever!

Glyn Evans, Editor of, has authored a new post highlighting the latest enhancements (update 3.5) to ProCamera. Here’s an excerpt from Evans’ post. Please have a look at the full article on >
ProCamera, which in my opinion is one of the top 2 all-in-one camera replacement apps (the other being Camera+), has just been updated to version 3.5, and with it comes a new interface with fresh new look.

ProCamera update 3.5 now approved!

Update 12/20: ProCamera v-3.5 has been approved by Apple and is now available for download on iTunes!

Jens Daemgen and the team of developers at ProCamera have been working diligently on the latest updates to ProCamera. Our latest version (3.5) has now been approved by the App Store review team. ProCamera 3.5 is a major update and is available free (no cost) to all current ProCamera users.

New ProCamera features built into version 3.5 can now be unveiled for all to see. Read more below about our new Codescanner and > (here) ALL of the great new features in ProCamera 3.5

Codescanner will enable you to scan bar-codes, QR-codes and DataMatrix codes. This new ProCamera feature/function has the ability to retrieve detailed product or service information simply by scanning the QR-code or DataMatrix code on your iPhone.

We have no doubt that, very soon, the majority of smartphone owners, and most notably “ahead of the curve” iPhone owners, will be scanning QR and DataMatrix codes. If you want to learn more about a product, a service or an event, there will likely be a QR code on display. A simple point and “scan code” will deliver pertinent info directly to your iPhone. This “instant delivery” is most commonly accomplished by the automatic launch of a webpage tied to the QR code you’ve just scanned.

Why is code-scanning such a big deal? “And what’s in it for me” (WIIFM) you ask?

ProCamera gets in the holiday spirit — a major update (3.5) and price drop! announces a major ProCamera update, version 3.5, and a price-drop to $1.99 for the upcoming holiday season.

Mannheim, December 20, 2011 – As a holiday gift to worldwide iPhoneography fans, ProCamera releases a major update – version 3.5. Continuing in the holiday spirit, ProCamera announces a promotional price drop to $1.99 (from $2.99).

NOTE: Apple has now officially approved ProCamera v-3.5 updates! 

New features in ProCamera’s holiday update (v-3.5) are:

Codescanner: Read more about > Codescanner capabilities. Codescanner takes ProCamera to a new level! Scan QR, DataMatrix and EAN codes and instantly capture product, service, and event info on your iDevice. Website URLs can be opened instantly; events or vCards can be easily added to your calendar or address book; phone numbers can be dialed with one tap; contents can be copied and pasted. And you can share any worthy info with your friends via e-mail, SMS, Twitter, and Facebook. Combine it with Steady Light to scan codes at night.

Videozoom: Many of our users have requested the ability to use zoom while recording video. ProCamera has responded by implementing “video zoom” in the best way possible (with current hardware abilities). To maintain the optimal frame-rate and quality, video zoom is applied after the video is recorded (post processing). This may take a while for lengthy videos, but will result in high quality videos with 25fps. This is an optional feature, which can be deactivated to get maximum performance.

But wait! There’s more! To learn about all of the new features in v-3.5

Volume Trigger plays nicely with Apple’s iOS

As many iPhoneograpy fans are aware, ProCamera recently released its latest update (ProCamera 3.3) < read more. Included in update 3.3, is a popular feature we call “Volume Trigger.” This new feature allows you to take photos simply by pressing the iPhone volume control button. This makes the iPhone feel and function like many traditional “point and shoot” cameras. Volume Trigger also provides users the option of shooting photos via the “headset” volume controls. This is a particularly innovative function as it allows iPhone users to take pictures “at arms length” (length of your headset cord) without touching the iPhone screen.

Using the headset controls is great for tripod shots, self-portraits, and taking photos when your iPhone is holstered. While ProCamera 3.3 already includes its innovative “Anti-Shake” technology, using Volume Trigger’s headset controls, can greatly minimize or even eliminate a common problem for every photographer, the lack of a “steady hand.” You can take your photos by pressing either the up (+) or down (-) volume button (both work). One final benefit of snapping photos with the headset, is the elimination of shutter noise. The “shutter click” is only audible through the earbuds.