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Facebook acquires Lightbox team to solidify ‘mobile’ photo sharing strategy

Continuing their recent photo-sharing binge, Facebook today revealed that they have ‘assimilated’ the management team of Lightbox. The London-based photo-sharing site and camera app Lightbox, targets Android devices and HTML 5, while Facebook’s newest toy, Instagram, is primarily aimed at iOS (iPhones/iPads) and only recently launched an Android version. It is likely that Facebook will ask the Lightbox team to continue along their Android development path.

ProCamera review by Daily App Show

On March 16, 2012, The Daily App Show highlighted a few of ProCamera’s capabilities in a video review. Please note that this short demo focused primarily on “photo capture” functions and did not cover “video capture” and left out illustration of many important ProCamera features/functions, including ProCamera’s superb editing tools: ProLab, ProCut and ProFX (see image…

ProCamera Update 3.5.5 released today!

The ProCamera Team is pleased to announce the release of ProCamera Update 3.5.5. Improvements and fixes in this latest update include: Restoration of social media photo sharing. You can now quickly and easily upload your ProCamera created iPhotos to Facebook, Twitter, Dropbox, and Flickr — individually or in bulk. ProCamera’s Volume Trigger (shooting photos via the…